Work Experience at Ewing Associates







This week we have had the pleasure of a work experience student in our office and 2 generations of the Ewing Family. Blake Ewing, Norman’s Grandson, has been with us to learn all about Financial Planning and what we do for our clients. With a keen interest in Marketing, he has helped Serena, our Business Support Officer, to develop some Marketing ideas for the rest of 2019.

Blake even worked on a company project of his own which he presented to Management. It was a very enjoyable week for us and we hope Blake enjoyed it too! He has a very bright future ahead of him and we wish him every success with the career path he chooses in life.

Blake answered some questions on his time at Ewing Associates:

What was the most important thing you learnt this week?

I have learnt more about the importance of Financial Planning and how it can really help people and their Financial Future.

What was your favourite part of the week?

The Marketing project that Management assigned to me and participating in a meeting to present my research. It gave me a great insight to the business world and how Ewing Associates work internally.

Would you consider a career in the Financial Planning Industry?

I was quite surprised at how interesting I found it – I would definitely consider it!

We also asked Norman for his views:

Why is it important to introduce the younger generation to the world of Financial Planning?

It is important for the younger generation to understand why Financial Planning is vital and what guidance and service a Financial Planner can deliver.

The younger generation thrive on technology, which is great, however it is so important for them to understand that instead of a computer generating pre-populated answers, Financial Planners can tailor their advice and recommendations to individual client circumstances. They also add the personal element to the process, which benefits the clients Financial journey hugely.

I also believe that the younger a person is, the more invincible they usually feel. It is hard for anyone to realise that any event can happen and they may get seriously ill, or they may even die prematurely.

Understanding at a young age that we cannot predict the future, but we can try to plan for all eventualities is imperative as these plans can set you up for life. Once you embrace the idea of protecting yourself and your future goals, the other areas of Financial Planning usually follow.