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One of the most frequent questions we get from our clients is:

‘When can I retire, and how long will my money last?’

Part of your journey as a client with us, will see us exploring these questions together in detail, and help to set a clear path for you to follow to retirement. Our regular reviews will help to keep you on track.

Some of the existing Pensions you have, can be confusing to understand and potentially not offer you the flexibility you need. Its is part of our service to breakdown the jargon on your existing plans, to see how they suit your present and future needs.

Our expert team of Financial Planners will analyse all of your existing plans, use cash flow modelling to determine how long your money should last and help to identify your income needs in retirement.

saving for a rainy day

Saving for a Rainy Day

Retirement can often seem like a long way off, but the key to successful retirement planning is to recognise it as a long term investment in your future. Ewing Associates appreciates that every individual has their own retirement aspirations and unique financial situation, so we understand the importance of tailoring retirement plans to each client’s circumstances.

Ewing Associates will assess

• Your goals and objectives for retirement
• What arrangements you already have in place
• Any potential shortfall
• What may be required to meet any potential shortfall

Ewing Associates will assess your existing pension arrangements and discuss the options available to you and if appropriate produce a pension audit report which will help you to ensure your pension requirements are met.

We can also advise on the regulation changes for employers, such as automatic enrolment and the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) pension scheme that has been introduced for businesses. We can help ensure that your business complies and that your employees are properly covered.

For individuals, whether you have a pension scheme with your employer or a personal pension fund, Ewing Associates can provide you with expert financial plan that you can trust.

future savings

Plan your Future – Today

Whether you want to start planning for the future, you’re ready to retire or already retired, Ewing Associates can help. Our financial planners can create new retirement plans or re-assess your existing pension plans to help give you a more secure financial situation during your retirement years.