Income protection – one little change you can make to protect your family’s financial future.

As a parent, providing for your children is a top priority – from making sure they have food on the table, to ensuring they have the extras they need in life.

Putting income protection in place means you’ll always be able to support your children with a regular income if the unthinkable should happen and you’re unable to work because of serious illness or injury.

Keeping your family financially healthy.

In the past two years, 13% of workers have had two months or more off work due to either illness, injury or a mental-health event1. As a parent, your children depend on you financially. But should you become ill or injured and unable to work, would your family be able to manage without your income?

Would your family be able to cover all the essential monthly outgoings – not to mention the extras you’re used to having?

In a two-parent family, even with a safety-net of sick pay and savings, you might struggle to keep up with your regular outgoings on one income, especially if you’re not well enough to go back to work for a substantial amount of time.

Financial struggle for your family is the last thing you need when you’re trying to recover from a medical condition.

Are you a one-income family?

It’s also worth bearing in mind that becoming a parent may mean you now only have one income if one parent is staying at home for childcare purposes. Protecting this main source of income is essential, as is the case with one-parent families. With the rising cost of childcare and bills, the need to protect your family against financial difficulty is more important than ever.

Income protection can give you the support you need, when you need it most.

By protecting your family this way, you can get help with mortgage payments, bills and food, as well as clothes, transport and leisure – protecting not just your essential outgoings, but your family’s lifestyle too. Putting income protection in place alleviates the risk of financial instability by providing your family with a regular source of income, so you have the peace of mind that your children will be provided for until you get better.

Find out what works for you with an adviser from Ewing Associates

Income protection can be discussed with your adviser – so you can make sure you have the right protection in place to protect you and your family’s financial future.

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