The Lord’s Charity event


2017 marks our 14th year in attendance of the Lord’s charity event.

Along with his guests, Norman thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

During this year’s event the Openwork Foundation raised £50,000!

The Openwork foundation was launched in 1981. Since this time, financial advisers have worked together along with Openwork staff to raise more than £19.3m for disadvantaged children, both in the UK and abroad.

Life-changing support 

The foundation (currently partnered with Action for Kids) has helped children and families in many ways. One particular case study explains how:

Laya is 5 and has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy which causes progressive muscle weakness and she cannot stand, walk, crawl or sit unaided. Because of her lack of control of her neck and her general weakness she is mainly fed by a tube in her stomach to avoid choking.

She is a bubbly, bright little girl though who loves school and joining in as many activities as is possible, even though she is mainly on the sidelines watching.

When Action For Kids met her family Laya was using a borrowed wizzybug paediatric powered wheelchair as it was the only way she could get around independently. However it was far too small for her as it was built for a 2-year old and it had no back or neck postural support.

Her physiotherapist recommended the perfect wheelchair for her condition – the Dragon Mobility Snap Dragon Wheelchair but at almost £25,000 it was completely beyond her family’s means.

Thanks to the support of donors and fundraisers Laya now has her ‘Dragony’ as she calls it and at last she is moving independently and whizzing around happily with her brother and sister.