Supporting Blue Smile and the Mental Health of School Children

Blue Smile is delighted that Ewing Associates has most generously donated to support our work with children in local schools. Blue Smile offers arts-based therapeutic and psychoeducational support to children who might be struggling with their emotional wellbeing or mental health. We offer 1:1 therapy sessions, group work and whole class workshops. Our work enables children to explore some difficult and confusing thoughts and feelings in a fun, non-stigmatising way and offers a safe space where they can learn and practice coping strategies which help them to approach life and learning with more self-confidence.

The donation from Ewing Associates will allow us to offer an 8 week group work programme to pupils at Wheatfields Primary School. The theme of the group is ‘Managing Big Feelings’ and, led by an expert therapist (and co-facilitator) it will give children an opportunity to use various art and play based activities to gain a better understanding of how they feel about themselves, the world around them and how they might begin to look at things differently. The fun approach to our group work means that children engage with the content more readily and grasp concepts about topics, such as the ‘fight, flight, freeze response’, that might otherwise seem rather complex. Understanding such concepts allows children to shake off feelings of fear, worry and shame that so often hinder them from reaching their potential. Once again, huge thanks to Ewing Associates; support like yours enables Blue Smile to help more and more children countywide. Thank you.