Omnis Market Update

Despite mixed economic data during the week, most stock markets globally ended the week positively. Many countries continue to grapple with surges in infections, whilst accelerating their vaccination rollouts. Inflation remains a concern among investors.

US: Positive week despite mixed economic data

The S&P 500 recorded a gain of 1.2% for the week. The week’s economic data sent conflicting signals. Unemployment data was positive but some regional manufacturing data was less upbeat than expected. Inflation remained a worry for investors.

Japan: Markets up as the country battles a fourth wave

The Nikkei 225 rose 2.9%. A fourth wave of infections has led authorities to declare states of emergency in much of the country, raising concerns about the Olympic Games. On the economic front, Japan’s unemployment rate worsened in April.

Asia: Strong week led by stocks likely to benefit from a recovery

In China, the CSI 300 Index rose 3.7%. Stocks that would benefit from the economic reopening, including tourism, rose after China passed a milestone of over 500 million Covid vaccinations. Data showed that primary home sales in China remains strong.

Europe: Markets rise thanks to ultra-loose monetary policy

The Euro Stoxx 50 rose 1.2% on continued affirmations of loose monetary policy and reports of massive US fiscal spending. France slipped into recession in the first quarter of 2021, but optimism about the economic outlook in Germany improved significantly.

UK: FTSE 100 flat, but FTSE 250 up

The FTSE 100 ended flat, returning 0.1%, while the domestically focused FTSE 250 returned 1.3%. The UK widened its vaccination rollout to include anyone over 30 years old, with some areas moving faster because of the proliferation of a rapidly spreading variant.