Moving? What to know about updating your address! – Office Manager Blog

Moving. It’s exciting, satisfying, rewarding and it’s hard work. No matter how organised you are, not everything goes to plan. In all the chaos, when do you update your address and who do you tell?

At Ewing Associates, part of our service is to help clients in all occasions of life including moving home. We help clients by:


  • Updating the address on the plans within the Ewing Portfolio
  • Provide blank templates to help the client update their address with other companies
  • Provide information about what the client will need to update their address as sometimes a signed letter is not enough
  • Provide a ‘handy tips checklist’ about moving

When should you update your address?

In my experience, the best time to notify the provider is when you have a confirmed moving date. You should explain to them that is your moving date too. Don’t leave it until you are settled in your new home as you may miss out on important mail.

What evidence will you need?

Some providers and companies need to see evidence of your new address. This can be a Council Tax Statement, Utility Bill or recent Bank Statement addressed to you in your new home. You need to find out if they want the original or a certified copy. If they need a certified copy, you need to ask what professionals they are ok with certifying the copy. They may also require a copy of your updated Drivers Licence.

If evidence is required before a provider will update your address, there are 2 important questions you should ask them:

1)  Is there any option to update my address straight away without waiting for relevant mail (Council Tax Statement, Utility Bill or recent Bank Statement) to come to me at my new address?
2)  If not, can you change any mail correspondence to online correspondence in the meantime?

A good option to consider is a redirection of your post with the Royal Mail. You can set this up online or at the post office until you are comfortable all your mail is going direct to your new address.

Follow up

It is worth spending 30 minutes ensuring your address has been updated 2 – 4 weeks after your original contact.

Most importantly, after all the stress of moving, enjoy your new home and relax (and don’t forget to ask Ewing Associates for help)!